OPPO A73 Black NEW (Not compatible with Telstra network)


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  • 16MP A.I. Beauty Front Camera: The OPPO A73 brings camera phones into a new generation. Applying A.I. technology to beautify images, it will give you the most natural and flawless selfies. It heightens your natural beauty based on your age, skin tone or skin type. Propelled by complex algorithms of A.I. beauty recognition technology, the A73’s 16MP front camera captures you at your best.
  • Facial Feature Optimisation: A73’s facial feature optimisation presents the best you. Using more than 200 positioning pinpoints, the A73 highlights the exquisite contours of your face to present the most natural-looking selfies, while its beauty-iris tool will have you sparkling in each photo.
  • 6.0″ FHD+Full Screen: The A73 touch screen provides an almost boundless vision. A virtual home button is also available. Its 6.0″ FHD+full screen fits perfectly into a frame. The 2160*1080 pixel screen provides you with an immersive visual experience for surfing the web, browsing your photo albums, watching videos or playing games.
  • Speedy Facial Unlock: You can always unlock the A73 screen with your fingerprint. A73 also offers a super friendly flagship function–unlocking your screen simply by holding the phone up as if to say hi. It will help when you hands are wet. You can use either your face or your fingerprint as the password. And both are speedy and convenient.
  • ColorOS 3.2 Based on Android 7.1: ColorOS 3.2, the brand new design interface based on Android 7.1, is a ture novely. You can enjoy its brighter looks, snappier downloads and greater security features while ColorOS 3.2 helps you surfing with top speed. By planting multiple modes in A73, ColorOS 3.2 also fulfills your diversified needs. The split screen mode helps you switch between a You-tube movie and a chat with friends freely. Night shield feature reduces eye strain in the dark surroundings.