Can a mobile phone be fixed after water Damage?

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There are only a few things that can ruin your day as quickly as submerging your phone in water. Maybe you dropped it in the sink, in a puddle, or tipped a glass of water over it; in any type of scenario, it is alarming.

Your first thought is, of course, to panic. You may then start asking the question: can a mobile phone be fixed after water damage? The short answer is yes. Let’s discover the ways below.

Call the Experts

A quick search on the internet with search terms like ‘repair my device’ can bring up many different methods to potentially save your phone or tablet from being completely ruined. Some of these home remedies have even resulted in a mobile phone being fixed after water damage.
However, depending on the volume of water or fluids exposed to your phone, calling a mobile phone repairs company will be your best bet. We do advise taking action with the at-home methods until you can reach a professional as it may assist in saving your phone. Just don’t do any of these next things.

What Not To Do With a Water-Damaged Device

While you wait for a mobile phone repair company and try any home remedies, it’s worth being aware of what you shouldn’t do after your device gets wet. Failure to follow some of these steps may result in your phone not being able to be repaired.

Don’t Turn It On

At least 80 per cent of Australians own a smartphone, so it’s fair to say we rely on them. As tempting as it can be to turn on your tablet or mobile phone to see if it still works, refrain from doing so. While it’s still wet, turning it on may result in some electrical connections shorting and causing irreparable damage. If it’s on when you dropped it into the water, switch it off and leave it off.

Don’t Press Any Buttons

Unless you are pressing the power button to turn it off, don’t be tempted to press any other keys or buttons. The pressure may cause water to enter further into your device.

Don’t Take It Apart

Regardless of whether you have a tablet or mobile phone, don’t take it apart. Doing so could void your warranty or insurance.

Don’t Shake It or Blow on It

You might think shaking it could alert you to the presence of water, and blowing it could dry that water, but it can actually cause further damage by forcing water deeper into the device.

Steps to Take With a Water-Damaged Device

You’ve called a mobile phone repair company, refrained from doing the above, and are now you’re wondering what to do next. These steps below may not lead to a fully-functioning device; they may be able to keep water from making its way further into your device.

Remove SIM and MicroSD Cards

The fewer loose parts in your device, the easier it will be to dry out those hard-to-reach areas.

Remove the Battery

If you have a smartphone with a removable battery, remove it to get the drying process underway. Otherwise, you may need to wait until a mobile phone repair service can do it for you.

Dab the Device Dry

Use a cloth, paper towel, or something absorbent to soak up any visible water. Avoid moving the water around inside the device as much as possible. If saltwater, beer, or another liquid caused the damage in the first place, you might need to wet a cloth and remove that liquid to avoid corrosion. You can then dab the device dry once that’s done.

Don’t Rely on Rice

Some people swear by uncooked rice for being able to dry out their phones. Rice is not a verified repair method, and many people have shown it to have little to no impact on whether your phone survives.

Dry on a Towel

Rather than using the rice method, you may like to leave your phone or tablet drying on a towel for around 48 hours. Refrain from checking on it during this time to see if it works. Instead, let it sit there for the entire two-day period.

Turn Your Device On

After waiting several days, you may turn your device on if you must. You may find that it functions well enough to carry out vital tasks. However, it’s at this point that you should take it into a mobile device repair business to be checked over and repaired by a trained expert — or just leave it off till you are with the expert.

How to Prevent Mobile Phone Water Damage

Few people would ever purposely drop their phones in water. However, it’s a lot easier to do than you might think. It might fall out of your pocket and into a sink, toilet, or puddle, or you might simply tip over a glass of water.
While you may not be able to prevent these things from happening, you may be able to prevent subsequent damage in the following ways.

Waterproof Cases

Any type of case can prevent severe damage to your mobile phone or tablet when you drop it in water. However, some are better than others. Waterproof cases with covers over the ports may be able to stop water from entering those susceptible areas of your phone.

Waterproof Pouches

If you don’t like how bulky or expensive waterproof cases can be, you may want to consider waterproof pouches for when you know you’ll be around water. You can put your phone into a bag and then into your handbag or pocket. They may not protect against full submersion, but they can be a barrier against wet fingers and splashes.

Habit Changes

If you’ve needed to try and save your phone from water damage on more than one occasion, it might be time to change your habits. Avoid taking your phone to the bathroom or kitchen, and keep it in your bag safe and sound when it’s raining or if you’re heading to the beach or pool.
If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in water, you may be frantically searching Google for someone to ‘repair my device’. Fortunately, whether you’ve got an iPhone, Samsung, or something else, Phone Rehab can provide phone repair services throughout Australia. If you live in Sydney, they can even come to you. Mobile phone repairs have never been easier than they are today.