What Do You Do When Your Phone Screen Cracks?

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Very few things make your heart sink as quickly as when your phone screen cracks. You may have dropped it on the pavement, or even down a flight of stairs. Whatever the cause, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do next, or even if there’s anything you can do. Fortunately, there are plenty of options at your disposal, so it might be time to consider any of these tips below:

Take It to a Phone Repair Specialist

After searching online for someone to ‘repair my device’, you will likely discover mobile repair services across Australia offering to help you out. You’re then able to take your device to them or have a delivery service from your chosen business collect it. Our mobile repair service has been able to competitively operate within the greater Sydney region with fast service and competitive prices so that your phone can be back in action as soon as possible and at an affordable rate. We operate a to-you service within Sydney where our high-tech van comes to you and completes the repairs on the spot in addition to a storefront in Wollongong for that personal touch.

Make It Safe

The advantage of getting a professional to handle the phones is in the quality and safety of the service provided. If you choose a phone repair business to assist with the screen replacement process, the last thing you want is for shards of glass to end up embedded in your fingers when you attempt to use it.

If you’ve shattered your screen, you can make your phone far safer by covering it with a layer of packaging tape. While not a ‘fix’ when your phone screen cracks, it can at least keep those small shards of glass in place until a repair can take place. This option tends to be desirable for people who haven’t damaged their phone screen beyond repair.

Back-Up Your Data

Depending on how your phone screen broke in the first place, you may see the value in backing up your data if the process isn’t already automatic. While most repairs will not see the data on the device lost, backing up important things like photos of your loved ones can offer much-needed peace of mind if there is even the slightest chance that your phone will fail before you book a mobile repair service.

Claim Insurance

Even though mobile phone repair services are generally competitively priced, there is no harm in checking if your insurance policy covers phone screen cracks. If it does, you may only need to pay an excess, rather than the total amount of having it repaired by a professional. Our store will also provide competitive insurance quotes for your device if you happen to be without one.

Sell It.

If instead, you want a newer model, consider selling it to fund the cost of a new one. Many phone repair businesses purchase devices with broken screens, which means you can have money in your back pocket to put towards a newer model.

Keep It and Buy a New or Refurbished Model

Many people see a broken phone screen as a sign to upgrade. You may be tired of the outdated features, or you may simply be ready for newer options on the market. If this is the case, you can purchase a new or refurbished device from Phone Rehab.

Identifying the Type of Phone Screen Damage

When your phone screen cracks, it’s not always just the screen that’s damaged. There are three potential sources of damage to look out for: glass, LCD, and component issues. When a mobile repair service such as Phone Rehab identifies superficial glass damage, that’s good news. Device screens typically feature layers of glass sandwiched together. The top layer of glass acts as a shield while keeping all the components underneath safe from damage or corrosion.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Cracked Smartphone

If you happen to chip or crack your smartphone, it can be tempting to continue using it as it is. However, there are many reasons why having it repaired as soon as possible can be your best option.

Some Functions May Not Work

If you have a device that has the fingerprint scanner embedded under the glass such as a Samsung Galaxy model with a crack over the fingerprint sensing area, it may no longer work. Some other features such as face ID may also be affected, depending on where you have cracked it.

Further Damage

The glass on a smartphone screen protects the internal components from damage. By continuing to use your phone with a crack, you may be allowing dirt, dust, debris, and finger oils to enter the phone and cause further damage.

It Could Be a Safety Risk

Even the smallest phone screen cracks can put anyone using the device at risk of cuts and splinters. One finger swipe against the grain of the crack could result in small splinters of glass being embedded in your skin or risking cutting yourself on the sharp edges.

No Protection

The glass on your phone screen is its layer of protection. Once that’s gone, you’re left with a vulnerable device. Even tiny drops of rain and crumbs from your lunch can result in even worse problems than a simple cracked screen.

Sore Eyes

Whether you’re trying to read a book on your device, follow a recipe, or use GPS directions, these tasks are made even harder on a screen that is cracked. Prevent eye strain by having a phone repair specialist in Sydney replace the screen as soon as possible.

As inconvenient as it might seem to have to take your phone to a repair business, it can be the lesser of many evils. Fortunately, if you book a phone repair with Phone Rehab, you can benefit from a convenient pickup and drop-off service that sees your phone fixed and ready for use without you even having to leave the comfort of your home.

No matter where you are in Australia, Phone Rehab is happy to repair any issues you’re having with your phone or computer. Our prices are guaranteed to be the most competitive, and we’ll match or beat anybody claiming to have a lower price. Why not book a repair today?