iPads or Tablets Audio Faults & Issues

If you have an iPad, you probably use the audio a lot. Whether you stream music from Spotify or Apple Music, have a video call with your friends and family, or watch videos on YouTube, there are numerous functions that require sound. It is frustrating when your iPad has audio issues. It may be an issue with the speaker, the headphone jack, or the audio IC chip.

Bring your iPad to Australia’s experts at Phone Rehab. We have years of experience and highly trained technicians who are ready to get your tablet’s audio working again. We can provide replacement parts for your speakers or audio jack, using genuine Apple parts so the repair lasts long-term. Our technicians can also provide micro-soldering for the audio IC chip — a service our shop is trusted to complete wholesale for other repair shops who lack the equipment and expertise.

At Phone Rehab, we set ourselves apart as a repair shop by focusing on quality and convenient service. We have years of experience, advanced equipment, genuine replacement parts, and a lifetime guarantee on certain repair services. That is why we have won an award for our repair services five times in 15 years.

Phone Rehab
Come to you!

We can either come to your office or home to fix your device, or pick up your device and drop it back to you.

Lifetime Warranty
on Selected Repairs

We offer a lifetime warranty on selected repairs.

Genuine Parts

We only use original Apple and Samsung parts. Your Apple warranty will still be valid.

Free Pickup
/Drop Off

We will pick up and drop off your device at no extra cost.

Price Match

Our prices are the most competitive guaranteed!


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