Cracked iPhone Screen

Nothing is more aggravating than your new iPhone’s screen becoming cracked. It doesn’t seem like a significant issue that can prevent you from using your phone, but it does affect how much you can enjoy using it. The cracks take up space that makes it harder to read messages, watch videos, and more. Many people try to just live with a broken iPhone screen without getting it repaired.

However, getting your cracked iPhone screen repaired in Australia doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. At Phone Rehab, we have the experience, the expertise, and the genuine Apple-made phone screens ready to provide your phone with a new, undamaged replacement on the spot. Our repair process is quick and simple, and your phone will lose no data as a result.

Our iPhone screen repair services come with a lifetime warranty for workmanship, and our expert technicians are ready to help. Our free pick-up and drop-off service are available throughout Australia.

Mobile Phone Screen Repair


Phone Rehab
Come to you!

We can either come to your office or home to fix your device, or pick up your device and drop it back to you.

Lifetime Warranty
on Selected Repairs

We offer a lifetime warranty on selected repairs.

Genuine Parts

We only use original Apple and Samsung parts. Your Apple warranty will still be valid.

Free Pickup
/Drop Off

We will pick up and drop off your device at no extra cost.

Price Match

Our prices are the most competitive guaranteed!


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