Terms of Service


Bookings can be cancelled or rescheduled with no charge as long as we are notified more than 60 minutes prior to your agreed appointment time. Bookings cancelled less than 60 minutes from the agreed appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee of $59. Bookings rescheduled less than 60 minutes prior to the agreed appointment time are subject to a re-booking fee of $39. We will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes past the agreed appointment time in the event you are late for the appointment. If you do not arrive for the appointment within this time, the booking will be cancelled, and you will be charged the booking cancellation fee of $59.


In the event that we are not able to fix your device following our repair work, you will not be charged a fee. Please note that liquid damaged phones are specifically excluded from our “no fix no fee” policy and if we can not fix it you will occur a $59 service fee.


In the event that you are not able to present the specific make and model of device you booked for at the time of repair, Phone Rehab may, at their sole discretion, charge you a futile booking fee of $59. We encourage you to make every effort to ensure that you are booking the correct make and model of device for your repair. We have handy guides available on the Phone Rehab website and on the booking form to ensure you book for the correct make and model.


Prior to conducting your repair, we will perform a full test and diagnostic on your device to determine the pre-repair condition of all phone features and functions so that we can be sure our repair process has not affected any feature or function of your device that was previously working. We will advise you in the event that we are not able to complete all required tests – for example, due to the phone being locked, or the device not being charged. Please note that the Phone Rehab 1 year warranty specifically excludes any issues or problems relating to phone features and functions that we were not able to verify as being fully operational prior to our repair.


For full details of the Phone Rehab warranty, along with details of what is and what is not covered, please visit the following link


Phone Rehab strongly recommend that you take steps to ensure a full and complete backup of your device is made prior to your repair booking. Data loss during the repair process is a rare event, but nevertheless we suggest making a backup to safe guard against any potential issue. Please note that Phone Rehab can not be held liable in the event of any data loss on your device as a result of completing the repair process on your device.


Phone Rehab use premium quality repair parts during the repair process that are of equivalent specification to that installed by the original manufacturer. For some makes and models of devices, Phone Rehab may elect to use refurbished parts rather than new parts. All repair parts, whether new or refurbished, are covered by Phone Rehabs comprehensive 1 year warranty.