For our corporate clients we would like to present our Premium Suite of Corporate Services.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we are fully versed in all technical aspects of managing a fleet of mobile phones, and we understand the value that well functioning communications add to your business.

Our range of corporate services cater for businesses of all sizes, with arrangements that are geared toward reducing your downtime, improving your productivity and enhancing the effectiveness of your staff, while cutting your repair bills.

Don’t waste your valuable company resources on mobile phone issues – leave all your problems to the experts at Phone Rehab, so that your staff can get on with more important things.

Premium Corporate Services

Fleet Refurbishment Program

Mobile phones in corporate fleets take a bashing. They are heavily used, taken onto job sites and into the field, shared by multiple employees and – let’s face it – not always treated with quite the same care as a personal phone.

Over the life of the phone this can all add up, creating issues that reduce their effectiveness. Reduced responsiveness, unreliability, broken screens, charging issues, buttons not working – all these annoyances increase employees’ frustration and reduce their productivity.

With our refurbishment program your phones and tablets can look, feel and operate as they did on the day your purchased them, at a fraction of the cost of a new device.

If you’re looking to keep your fleet up to date while at the same time achieving significant cost savings, look no further than Phone Rehab!

Out of warranty Servicing

It’s always the way. Regardless of how comprehensive a warranty is, when devices are used in a corporate context you will run up against exclusions, terms and limitations, and many of your fleet phones will require servicing well beyond the scope of their warranty.

Not a problem for Phone Rehab corporate clients! Just set up a once-only corporate account with us, and thereafter avail your business of all the advantages of smart ordering and account-based billing, with minimal paperwork or organisation required by your staff.

For Premium Suite clients we are even able to offer your choice of delivery options:

  • Our famous pick-up / drop-off service
  • Corporate account mail-in option
  • On-site repair service

Just let us know what best suits your business, and we will ensure we have your devices fixed and back in service before you know it, and at the most competitive prices you’ll find.

Priority Repair Service

At Phone Rehab we understand that your phones and other devices are essential to your business.

In case of emergency, as a Phone Rehab corporate account you have access to our Priority Repair Service. If you nominate this level of urgency when booking your repair it will receive priority handling, which may include any of the following:

  • Same day courier service
  • Out-of-hours emergency response
  • On-site repair

Accessories for Your Fleet

When you’re managing phones and devices on a corporate scale, even minor purchasing decisions such as the selection of charging devices, hands-free kits or screen protection, are multiplied many times over. Accessories for your fleet can boost your productivity, but can also contribute significantly to your operating costs.

At Phone Rehab we know the accessories market. We know which ones can play a useful role in preventing future breakages, and which ones might not suit your needs quite so well. Whether you’re after protective cases, waterproof cases, charging cases, power banks, car chargers, Bluetooth and other hands-free kits, screen protectors, or any of the daunting range of options available, we can help you to choose the accessories that are right for you, your employees and your business.

Employee Benefits

As one of Phone Rehab’s premium corporate accounts you are entitled to an enhanced range of services, special offers and corporate rates for your fleet.

We are excited to announce that we are now able to extend this offer to your employees also! You may now advise your staff that we will service their personal devices with the same priority as your fleet, and at the same discounted rates*.

* Please note this privilege extends to employees of your corporation only, and is not for general publication.